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Start Menu Cleaner for Windows XP is a small utility that scans all dead shortcuts and empty folders on your Programs in Start menu.

Hope am not late for this since everyone is switching to Vista. But anyway, I came across with a problem again (I'm a "When there's a problem, I make the solution" guy) where I used a tool to manage my programs in start menu, and I organize them the way I can easily open them (e.g. my Visual Studio and other Software development program are in Developer Tools folder) instead of having my programs scattered or sorted and viewed on a 2 or more columns of installed programs.. Yuck! That's a great tool by the way ... BUT!!

Talk about CONS from that tool.. Since I managed them so perfect, the problem sets in when I started to uninstall lots of my unused applications. Why what is that? You could guess ... DEAD SHORTCUT LINKS! Their Uninstaller leave a dead shortcut files in my start menu, because the uninstaller didn't found them and just leaved it there. Well it's a user's fault ;)

So just to save my time tracking down those dead shortcuts, I wrote small utility, an open source and free for all program.. Since it grows a bit, I also added a feature to scan empty folders.

Here's the screen shot, and I intentionally renamed the target files from those shortcuts for demo since I accidentally deleted them all using that utility I made. I forgot to write the condition where it deletes only the checked items .. but don't worry, that was already fixed ;)

Hope this could help someone too. :D

Enjoy! Sorry guys, no release for Vista yet since I still use Windows XP in my laptop. Planning to install Vista Ultimate on Virtual PC

RELEASE - March 18, 2009 - 6:00:00 pm

I didn't know this was working fine in Vista or 7 until I saw some reviews on the internet! Thanks guys! and Thanks to that JUNCTION FOLDERS!

Download the latest release: "I just updated the title to Start Menu Cleaner .Net"

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